Power Bi Dev & Admin

Power Bi Dev & Admin

Course Description

Chapter 1: Power BI Introduction

  • What is Power BI 
  • Why Power BI? 
  • Key Benefits of Power BI 
  • Flow of Power BI 
  • Components of Power BI 
  • Architecture of Power BI 
  • Building Blocks of Power BI 


Chapter 2: Power BI Desktop

  • Power BI Desktop Installation
  • Overview of Power BI Desktop 
  • Data Sources in Power BI Desktop 
  • Connecting to a data Sources 
  • Connecting to SQL Database
  • Connecting to Azure
  • Connecting to MS Access Database
  • Query Editor in Power BI 
  • Clean and Transform your data with Query Editor 
  • Combining Data – Merging and Appending 
  • Cleaning irregularly formatted data 
  • Views in Power BI Desktop 
  • Modelling Data 
  • Manage Data Relationship 
  • Cross Filter Direction 
  • Create calculated tables and measures 
  • Optimizing Data Models 


Chapter 3: HIERARCHIES & FILTERS & Bookmarks


Chapter 4: Power BI VISUALS 

  • Introduction to visuals in Power BI 
  • Charts in Power BI 
  • Matrixes and tables 
  • Slicers 
  • Map Visualizations 
  • Gauges and Single Number Cards 
  • Modifying colors in charts and visuals 
  • Shapes, text boxes, and images 
  • What Are Custom Visuals? 
  • Page layout and formatting 
  • KPI Visuals 

Chapter 5: Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) 

  • Essential concepts in DAX 
  • Why is DAX important? 
  • DAX Syntax 
  • Data Types in DAX 
  • Calculation Types 
  • DAX Functions 
  • Measures in DAX 
  • DAX Operators 
  • DAX tables and filtering 
  • DAX queries 
  • DAX Parameter Naming


Chapter 6: Power BI Cloud

  • Power BI Service (Cloud) Registration
  • Power BI Service (Cloud) Architecture
  • App Workspace Creation in Real-time
  • Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop
  • Dashboard vs. Reports 
  • Quick Insights in Power BI 
  • Creating Dashboards 
  • Configuring a Dashboard 
  • Power BI Q&A 


Chapter 7: Direct Connectivity

  • Introduction to using Excel data in Power BI 
  • Exploring live connections to data with Power BI 
  • Connecting directly to SQL Azure, HD Spark, SQL Server Analysis Services/ My SQL 
  • Introduction to Power BI Development API 
  • Import Power View and Power Pivot to Power BI 
  • Power BI Publisher for Excel 
  • Content packs 
  • Introducing Power BI Mobile 


Chapter 8: Power BI Report Servers

  • Report Server Basics 
  • Web Portal 
  • Paginated Reports 
  • Row level Security 
  • Data Gateways 
  • Scheduled Refresh 
  • Resources (Rest API/ SOAP API’s/ URL Access) 


Chapter 9: Power BI with R

  • R Integration in Power BI Desktop 
  • R visuals in Power BI 
  • R Powered Custom Visuals 
  • Creating R visuals in Power BI 
  • R Visuals in Power BI Service 
  • R Scripts Security 
  • Creating visual using Python 

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