Module 1 – Introduction to QlikView
· Patented In-Memory Associative Technology- What, How and The Power of simplicity
· What is QlikView?
· Representing Qlikview Solutions by Function
· Architecture Overview- Diff b/w server and publisher
· Qlikview Platform Overview
· Products Overview-Qlikview Developer, Server and Publisher
· What can you do with Qlikview? The sum of Five Capabilities which make Qlikview Unique.
· 3 Kinds of Roles-Qlikview and the IT Pro, Qlikview and the Business Analyst/BI Developer, Qlikview and the Business User
· Benefits of using Qlikview

Module 2 – How to create qvd file-By only Qlikview Desktop
· Describe Table-Fields, Name
· QVD File-Qlikview Data File
· File Wizard: Options
· File Wizard: Transforms
· QVD only 90 MB, compress 90%, take GB of Data
· Color in Qlikview and their relation to data Green-selected data, Gray-Non Associated, White-Associated. Power of Associativity
· How Qlikview works

Module 3 – Object-Insert and Object Properties in Dashboard
· load qvd file
· Internal Table View
· new search object
· associated data, non-associated data
· clear the selection-automatically and manually both type
· sort data in list box properties
· document properties
· create bar chart-in chart y axes-expression axes, x axes-dimension axes, chart properties
· Group- 2 types-Drill Down, Cyclic
· Graph-Chart Properties
· Setting-Variable overview-add variable
· Input box properties
· load data from access database
· connections-2 types-ODBC, OLEDB
· use QlikView as reporting tool
· create select statement

Module 4 – File Wizard: Transform – Basic Transformation in Qlikview
· Add data from CSV and Excel
· File Wizard: Type
· Quoting Types
· Transformation Step
· Conditional Delete
· Fill Condition
· Specify Row Condition
· Unwrap Function
· Rotate Function
· Difference b/w Transpose and Left
· File Wizard: Script
· Inline Table-create inline table
· Internal Table View
· Dashboard Background-3 Regions
· Document Properties-General, Opening, Sheets, Server, Scheduler, Variables, Security, Triggers, Groups, Tables, Sort, Presentation, Number, Scrambling, Extensions, Font, Layout, Caption
· Chart Properties
· Format Painter Tool
· List Box Properties
· User Preferences-General, Save, Editor, Design, Objects, Font, Expert, Printing, Mail, Locations, Security-Macro, License
· Tools-Alert
· Sheet Properties
· Expression Overview
· Objects-Current Selection Box, New Statistics Box, New Button Object

Module 5 – Create Select Statement
· Connection String
· Select Statement: Create select statement
· Problem Discussion
· Fact Table-Explain
· Load Statement

Module 6 – Project – Dashboard Sheet
· Dashboard created based on 3 principles-DAR
· Analysis Sheet, Analysis Report
· Sheet Properties
· Object-Create Analysis Chart, Chart Properties, Minimize Chart
· Object-Container-new container, container properties, container types
· Linked Objects
· List Box Properties
· Different types of Chart – Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Gray Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart
· Object-Text Object-New Text Object-Text Object Properties
· Market Share
· Dimension Limit Tab-new feature in version 11
· New Input Box
· Object-New Sheet Object-Bookmark Object
· Report-Report Editor, Report Setting

Module 7 – Chart Properties & Scripting
· Different types of Chart-Radar Chart, Maco Chart, Grid Chart, Funnel Chart
· New Sheet Object-Chart-Block Chart
· Load Statement-Load Inline-Inline Data Wizard
· Match Function
· Load-Aircraft Group, Aircraft Type
· Load-Aircraft Base File
· Editing in Script
· Internal Table View
· Table-Aircraft Group Table, Aircraft Type Table

Module 8 – Security & Access Types
· Concept of Hidden Script, Create Hidden Script
· Security Information-Section Access in Qlikview
· Section types
· Hidden Security, Types of Security
· Inline Data Wizard, Load Inline Table
· Section Access Script
· Reduction in Data, Things to make Data Reduction work
· Internal Table View
· Best way to managing the section access & connection strings
· Different Ways to declare variable
· Master Calendar
· Create singular master calendar table
· Different ways to create master calendar, make a temp calendar
· Period Field
· Functions- DATE(), DATE#(), PEEK(), MonthStart(), AutoGenerate(), Quarter(), ceil(), Exists(), Aggregate, InternalMatch()
· Create Aggregated Table
· Transaction Table

Module 9 – Explain Table, Dimensions, Metrics & Pivot Table
· Explain Table-Internal Match
· How Qlikview Read Data from Table
· Cross Table-3 Parameters-Qualifier Field, Attribute Field, Data Field
· How to load a cross table
· Explain-Internal Table View
· Operational Metrics, List Box Color
· Load Inline Function: Inline Data Wizard

Module 10 – Use of Temporary Tables & Explain Set Analysis its syntax and why it is used
· Creation of new reports for users.
· How to implement set analysis.
· Explain making of line chart.
· Explain set theory.
· Use of flight domestic foreign carriers.
· Explain flight type field.
· Use of search string to find domestic values.
· Use of excluded values.

Module 11 – Qlikview Server
· Discussion & Problem Solve
· QMC-Qlikview Management Console
· Document Distribution