Job Guarantee Programs are birthed from an economic policy proposal majorly aimed at the provision of a sustainable solution to the problems of inflation and unemployment plaguing many societies. Its aim is to help create employment.

We have developed a Job Guarantee Program to help familiarize students with the fundamental work place ethics and duties, especially in the Information Technology Field. TheIT Job Guarantee scheme grants students an opportunity to relate the basic IT theories learnt in class to the practical skills neededat work. The candidates will receive practical training which helps tohighlightthe required areas needed to succeed in the field.

Candidates will be trained in various Information Technology courses to ensure a high level of confidence during job interviews and students will be required to pass a minimum of one certification exam upon completion of the training.

The Job Guarantee Program is very ideal for those seeking to work in the field of: SQL Server Developer and Administration, Business Intelligence Analysis, Report Development, SAP Consultancy, Microsoft BI Development, Software Testing.